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How to remove pet stains

July 11, 2017 11:30 am

We love our pets just like the rest of our families, but sometimes they have little accidents that can be difficult to clean properly. Removing pet stains from carpets, both fresh and old, is hard. Sometimes it can even feel impossible. But don’t fear! With the use of an enzyme/bacteria digester and a few simple steps, your carpet will be pet stain free in no time!

Your checklist: what you will need

– Paper towels
– Cling film
– Enzyme/bacteria digester from a pet store
– Vinegar
– Water

Step 1: catch any liquid by strategically placing towels over the stained area and stepping on them. Begin with gentle pressure and increase it so that eventually you’re placing your full weight on the sheets. Ensure you keep changing the towels until the liquid no longer appears on them.

Step 2: Head down to the pet store and buy an enzyme/bacteria digester and apply it to the stains by following the directions on the packet. This will help with the odour. These digesters work slowly, so remember to leave the solution on as long as the directions say.

Step 3: Once you have applied the solution, proceed to put plastic over it. Then step on the area several times until it is well saturated. Finally, leave the plastic on the whole time the previous product is working. This is to ensure the area doesn’t dry out, as it will be difficult to clean.

Step 4: If it’s a common accident site, you may need to neutralise the spot after the digester has been previously working for about four hours.

Step 5: To neutralise stain odours, try mixing a solution filled with one cup of vinegar and approximately 3.7 litres of warm water. Then proceed to rinse the area with this solution and continue to apply a fresh batch of enzyme/bacteria solution.

Once you’ve completed these steps, your carpet should be clean. If not, then don’t fear, Scrubbles are here. Contact us today to see how we can help with all types of cleaning, from domestic cleaning, commercial cleaning to even your office cleaning!

Photo: Dog Cat by mizuo_fiat licensed under Creative commons 2