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How to enhance your workplace environment

April 11, 2017 4:07 pm

Creating a great office environment is not only good for staff morale, it can boost productivity as well. Here are three inexpensive ways to create the kind of workplace where people will be happy to spend their days.

Get a bit artsy

It’s amazing the difference some artwork can make in quickly transforming a dull and uninspiring interior. You don’t have to break the bank by buying original artworks when prints will do just as well. Large, colourful paintings, especially landscapes or seascapes, work particularly well and add points of interest for staff and visitors alike. Why not get staff involved in suggesting or choosing the type of art they want to see – or even hanging some of their own?

Go for some greenery

Fresh flowers and plants can be highly effective at creating a more relaxed and pleasant workplace for everyone to enjoy and there is a wide range of plants suited to office environments that only need minimum attention to stay healthy. Responsibility for looking after the plants can be shared among staff and you can also encourage employees to bring a plant to work, if appropriate. Flowers don’t last forever but even the occasional fresh display will cheer up the office space no end!

A clean office is a happier – and healthier – place!

Everyday office equipment such as keyboards, desktop surfaces, telephones and printers can harbour all sorts of unseen germs and it goes without saying that one way to reduce cross-contamination – and sick days – is by carrying out regular office cleaning. Having a clean, fresh office space is also good for morale, however, which is where the team at Scrubbles can help.

We offer five-star professional office cleaning services to brighten up businesses throughout the Bristol area. To find out more, give us a call today!