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4 reasons to give your home a deep clean this winter

December 12, 2016 2:36 pm

Cleaning is a job that no-one particularly looks forward to. Have you ever thought about hiring someone to do your cleaning for you? You may think this is an unnecessary expense, but if you fall into one of the following categories, calling someone like us to enact a holiday clean could be worthwhile:

4 reasons to give your home a deep clean

1. Not enough time

Your diary’s fully booked this month, whether it’s an office Christmas party, a school nativity play, or a 30% off sale in the shops. At home, festive responsibilities and fun take priority. Ticking cleaning off your list means you can enjoy your other engagements without thinking about whether or not your bathroom tiles need a scrub.

2. A present that sparkles

Once everyone else’s gifts are bought, wrapped up and under the tree, it’s time to think of you. Treat yourself – or better yet, get someone else to treat you. Next time your friend or partner asks for ideas, you could ask for a gift that’s truly sparkly.

3. Family visits

Nothing is lovelier than a visit from family and a full house for a few nights at the holidays raises everyone’s spirits. But perhaps you’ve got a perfectionist family member with an eagle eye, who notices grubby fingerprints and dusty blinds. A deep clean and a glass of something warm and toasty might just keep them happy, cosy and quiet.

4. New year, new start

The end of the year means it’s resolution time, whether yours is usually to visit the gym, eat five a day, call mum more often or keep the house tidy. A one-off clean might just be the thing that helps you keep your resolution for all of 2017.

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