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Feedback is so valuable

July 11, 2016 3:14 pm

So, here we are 2 months down the line and we have learnt so much already. One thing we’d like to touch on in this blog however is the value of gaining feedback from our fantastic Scrubbles customers. Since day one we have been proactively asking our customers how they have found the whole experience of using our Scrubbles cleaning services. We have had an endless supply of positive comments and testimonials which mean the world to us but the most valuable feedback, for a start-up business, is also the hardest to get. Yes, that’s right, it’s the negative bits. Now, being British, I’m great at telling my waiter that the charred slice of beef on my plate is exactly how I like my ‘rare’ steak cooked but I appreciate now that this doesn’t actually help. The next customer who orders a rare steak will get another over cooked chunk of beef and the chances are, they won’t say anything either! The waiter will never get the feedback, the chef will not monitor or change how the steaks are cooked, and us as customers, probably won’t go back to that restaurant.
Negative feedback, or constructive criticism, as we like to call it, is gold dust in our eyes. It allows companies to improve on their services and also improve on the experience customers have in using them. So, we have been busy in the background fine tuning the Scrubbles processes and services and I’m really proud to say Scrubbles is slowly becoming a brand people recognise as being professional, helpful, dependable and trustworthy.
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