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Our First Customer

May 3, 2016 11:05 am

The idea – Bristol’s best domestic cleaning company. Tick!


The name – Scrubbles. Tick!


The website – Convenient, user friendly and efficient. Tick!


The cleaners – Found, vetted, trialled and hired. Tick!


The customers – TBC…


We were ready to go, so now all we had to do is sit and wait for the bookings to come flooding in… right? Well, not quite. Everything was in place to begin taking bookings, and then we heard that the cleaners we had recruited were no longer able to carry out work for us! This was quite a big blow to the business, as we were ready to go as Bristols newest cleaning service, but it didn’t stop us from launching on time.


After a few bad interviews and a couple of no-shows, we found the perfect cleaning couple for Scrubbles. They had tremendous references, extensive experience in the trade and were ready to work ASAP. Fantastic! After the trial runs, they were ready to go and we were all really happy with the new Scrubbles team.


The very first booking to come through was a deep clean on a 3 bedroom house in Westbury Park, Bristol. As this property was extremely close to the directors home address, he thought it fitting to view the job before our cleaners turned up. He went and met the customers. They were a friendly couple who themselves ran a small local business so always looked to try out other local businesses- start ups or long standing local companies. After ensuring they were happy with the level of information given and ease of the booking system, the director said goodbye and then phoned the cleaning team to let them know details of the clean.


Afterwards, we had amazing feedback from the couple. They booked in again for every two weeks and have been recommending Scrubbles as the best cleaning company in Bristol! We were happy they were happy and so gave them a discount every time one of their referrals booked in with us – as well as giving a discount to the referral!


Three months after the launch of Scrubbles, we have a huge customer base and so many of them have regular cleans. We have 6 cleaners working for us and they have a huge variety of jobs, from end of tenancy cleans to the standard regular clean.


We have been overwhelmed with the response to Scrubbles. So many people who booked with us in the first few weeks have left us amazing reviews, feedback and comments. We tried to take it all on board and it has been a constant job to update our systems, communication and keep track of all the cleans going on… but luckily we managed to organise everything and continue to do so now.


We can only hope to get busier and busier, with all of the customer recommendations, reviews and referrals we wouldn’t be where we are today, so thank you so much to everyone who has helped along the way.