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Finding Cleaners

March 17, 2016 11:34 am

Finding great,  experienced and reliable cleaners was the next challenge. Luckily we were able to utilise eRecruit Solutions’ extensive platform of job boards, and through them, we were able to find the best cleaners in Bristol- for both domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning. eRecruit made it such an enjoyable process, their team of recruiters helped us find the most experienced cleaners around, and only the strongest candidates made it through to the next stage.


After two interviews with each cleaner, we obtained references from their previous employment and carried out DBS checks. Happily, the cleaners we really wanted to be part of the Scrubbles cleaning team passed all of our expectations and we are very lucky to have them on board! To show how important our team mean to us our wages are the best and most competitive around, so our cleaners do a great job every time.


Why not try us out yourself. You won’t be disappointed.


Team Scrubbles.