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The Start Of The Story

November 12, 2015 2:54 pm

Scrubbles all started when the founder, Sean Curtis, realised his cleaner wasn’t doing a good job. He asked around his friends, family and colleagues for recommendations and found that although many people required a cleaner, Bristol lacked reliable, efficient cleaners. Even if it was a one off job like an end of tenancy clean, lots of people complained that their cleaner had not done a thorough enough job. Some cleaners even complained to their families about doing extras like inside the fridge or doing a pile of ironing! The idea was born. Bristol needs a professional, reliable cleaning company for domestic cleaning- Hello Scrubbles!

The research phase continued. As well as individuals needing their homes regularly cleaned, we also found that there are a lot of Bristol based businesses who are on a constant search for cleaners. From office cleans to restaurant cleans, there is a high demand for a professional commercial cleaning company.

So we now have two parts to Scrubbles- the domestic cleaning side and the commercial cleaning side. Now time to get to work. While the website was designed and built, we went on search for the best cleaners in Bristol. All of our successful applicants went through vigorous background checks, we spoke to all of their references and they went through two interviews and a trade test, to make sure they were the right cleaners for us. We also decided to do mystery cleans with new addresses, so that we know their standard is always high.

We put our commercial cleaners in teams who can get the work done thoroughly and quickly so as not to disturb the business hours. Scrubbles commercial cleaners partake in team building exercises regularly to ensure they all work well together and get along. We do this to ensure all commercial premises get a high standard deep clean every time, so you can concentrate on your business.

Scrubbles has come together with a lot of hard work from the founder, website designer and of course, our cleaners. We like to give a little extra back to our workers and so you’ll find our cleaners to be the happiest in Bristol, they have flexible working hours and are extremely well paid. There is no preferential treatment of our cleaners, each job is distributed fairly so they always have enough work. If they are happy, our customers will be happy and that is the way we want it!

Thanks for reading!

Team Scrubbles